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West Country Skip Hire Terms & Conditions of Hire

No alteration or variations to these Terms and Conditions will be accepted or interpreted unless agreed in writing with the Company, prior to hire. Company employees / contractors are not authorised to make any changes or variations to these conditions of hire.

PART A (Company’s Obligation)

  1. The Company shall strive to ensure that the service, as stated overleaf, is executed to the best of its ability.
  2. The Company will endeavour to ensure that delivery/collection dates are met. Due to the nature of this service no delivery times can be guaranteed. Delivery times are, on the date between: 0700 – 1800. The Company shall not be liable for any consequential losses, expenses, liabilities, claims or proceedings however caused by or arising out of, late delivery, non-delivery or unsuitability of the container.
  3. The Company shall indemnify the Customer to any loss of or damage to the Customers property due to negligence by a Company Employee. The Company shall not however be liable, under this clause, if the Customer is in breach of any of its obligations as detailed in Part B. No liability will be accepted by the company, for damage caused, by placing containers over; walls, fences or hedges.
  4. The Company will provide Containers in the following sizes; Mini, Midi, Builders, Large Builders, 12 yard, 16 yard, Drop Door, Covered 8, 12 & 14, Slinging and Hazardous.
  5. Except as specifically otherwise agreed in writing the company agrees to dispose of the contents of the container in accordance with the terms of this contract.
  6. The Company shall not incur any further obligations or liability in connection with this service.
  7. 7. Some waste streams are considered, Difficult or even Hazardous. Prior arrangements must be agreed in writing before any of the non-conformance items, listed below, are placed in a container. Loads, containing non-conformance items, may be rejected and returned to the customer. 



The Driver Standard Agency and the Police are enforcing safe and level loads. Please ensure your skip is loaded level with the sides and is safe for transportation.

Please ensure none of the following are placed in this skip.

X Asbestos or possible asbestos products

X Batteries

X Chemicals, e.g. brake fluid or print toner

X Equipment containing ozone depleting substances, e.g. fridges & freezers

X Fluorescent light tubes

X Hazardous / harmful waste containers (Identified by hazardous markings)

X Liquid wastes e.g. paint

X Oils & paints e.g. car oil

X Pesticides

X Plasterboard (Please ask about disposal options)  

X Solvents

X TV’s & Computer monitors

X Contaminated soil / hardcore

X Wet concrete / screed


The driver may refuse to remove a skip that is not level loaded or has any of the aforementioned items in. Additional charges may apply. Thank you for your co-operation.

PART B (Customer’s Obligations)

  1. The Customer agrees to the Conditions of Hire Service and shall pay the Company, on/before delivery, the charges specified overleaf or additional charges for disposal or return of non-conformance items as stated.
  2. The customer, or representative of, must be present for delivery and removal of the container. Containers, later, requiring relocation will incur a further transport charge.
  3. The Customer shall not cause the Company to carry, store or dispose of substances covered under, The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005/2011 or as amended by The Waste Regulations 2011 without prior arrangement. Nor any materials likely to cause; explosion, combustion, injury or damage during its removal, storage or disposal.
  4. The Customer will provide suitable access and well maintained surface area for the purpose of this service. Depending on the type of surface additional protection, not supplied, may be required as vehicles & loads can weigh in excess of 17 tonnes. The skip vehicle is invited off the public highways onto private property at the customers own risk.
  5. The customer agrees to pay additional charges for unreasonable delay in delivery/collection caused by the customer or agent of. (Unreasonable delay time, excess of 20 minutes)
  6. The Customer shall notify the Company within 24 hours, of the service, details of any complaint or damage caused. Should the Customer fail to notify the Company within the stated time period the Company shall have no liability whatsoever. Complaints must be followed up in writing.
  7. The Customer agrees not to load the container above the level of the sides of the container. If the container is loaded above the level of the sides; in an unsafe manner or compromises the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) the customer will be responsible for the reload\unload to render the container safe for transportation. (Containers loaded above the level of the sides will incur an additional charge per cubic yard). Containers must not be loaded with any materials likely to compromise the GVW / payload or permissible weight of the container.
  8. The Customer agrees to pay the Company a wasted journey charge for any reason that the container may not be delivered/collected as stated overleaf. No charge will be incurred with prior notice given provided no journey has taken place.
  9. The Customer, or agent of, shall not move the container from the deposited position without written approval from the Company.
  10. The Customer shall give the Company 72 hours notice that the container is ready for collection.
  11. The Customer agrees to pay late charges beyond the period of hire. Late charges will be incurred at a daily fixed rate.
  12. The Customer will be shown and will be responsible for the lighting of containers, on permits, during the hours of darkness. Lights and cones will be supplied.

The Customer must report immediately; any damaged, stolen or defective equipment (Lights & Cones) to the Company.

  1. The Customer shall be liable for damages sustained to the container by overloading, moving the container by hand or by plant, damage sustained while loading the container by plant / machinery or fire damage.



  1. Late cancellations will incur a transport / administration fee.
  2. Payment must be made before or on delivery by; Cash, BACS or Credit/Debit card over the telephone. We do not accept cheques. Sorry for any inconvenience. Refunds /administration duplication may incur an administration charge.

I accept the terms & Conditions as stated above.

I confirm I will fulfil my duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by regulation 12 of the waste

(England & Wales) Regulations 2011


Company Name …………………………………………………… (Companies only)